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5 Holiday Carpet Tips

Featured Image With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably going to be having more guests in your home than normal. And with December bringing in the more extreme weather, your carpets can take quite a beating over the festive period. Although nothing beats a professional carpet cleaning in terms of results, there are a few things you can do to minimize staining and keep your carpets in good conditions....


The 10 Stains of Thanksgiving

Featured Image Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. It is a time to be grateful for families, friends, good food and the many wonderful things in our lives. It can also be a time of spills and messes. You may encounter one or more of these typical stains of Thanksgiving on your carpets, rugs or upholstery this season. If your stains are too difficult to remove yourself, contact Chem-Dry of New Port Richey!...


5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Your In-laws

Featured Image The holidays are just around the corner, bringing with them so many great things like food, gifts, and cheer. But the holidays bring something else as well: in-laws. If you want to minimize judgmental whispers and family drama, then you know how important it is to make sure your home is almost perfect for the holidays....


How To Clean Different Types of Couches

Featured Image Couches are expensive, and keeping them clean is the secret to keeping them longer and in good condition. So it makes sense that it is better to clean your couches more often with less time in between cleanings....