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Upholstery Cleaning

Hudson FL Upholstery Cleaning

Doing Furniture the Natural Way

Our Results Do Not Lie

Chem-Dry of New Port Richey does not just deal in carpet cleaning, as it also specializes in Upholstery Cleaning in Hudson FL. Because furniture and upholstery is often used by various family members in the household, it can take a ton of traffic compared to other items you may own. That means that each person that sits on an upholstered chair can contribute to the grime it collects over time. As such, it is vitally important to get your upholstery cleaned regularly to assure it stays as fresh as possible. We use the best equipment and techniques possible to get stains and dirt out of that hard earned upholstery, and your furniture and upholstery is no exception. Chem-Dry has been working long hours perfecting our process of Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE), and we are willing to put our services to the test. For those who want some stats to back up our pride in our business, an independent laboratory did a study of our cleaning process, and it was determined that it eliminates an average of 98% of all allergens present in your household. Those are stats worth talking about!

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Bringing Nature’s Miracles To Our Process

Instead of using the traditional process of using harmful chemicals and flooding your upholstery with less-than-desirable soapy water, we use the processes usually associated with the forces of nature. Our tested formula uses an army of tiny micro bubbles that assure that your upholstery is treated well as it is being thoroughly cleaned. This creates a better chance for your upholstery to stay intact as we give it the clean we deserve! Using harsher methods, sometimes the fibers of the upholstery can be damaged in the process. We take protecting the environment seriously, and if you do too, you can rest assured that we use the best process possible to make sure that it gets done. We take all the steps associated with your upholstery cleaning to assure that your family is happier and healthier than when we arrive.+

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The Healthy Home is a Happy Home

We as a business want to create a good healthy environment for you to live in, as well as giving you the best cleaning possible with the resources we have. We use the best processes to keep the air quality in your home as standard as possible, as that is a huge factor in maintaining a healthy home. We wanted to see just how good our results can get, and it was determined by an independent study we can remove 89% of airborne bacteria, thus improving the air quality in your living space. This creates a space that you and your family can be assured of the safety of your family and your pets alike around your furniture and upholstery

Don’t believe that we are the best upholstery cleaning service in the Hudson FL area? We challenge you to give us a call, and see what results we can provide for you!