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Thorough and Professional Carpet Cleaning

Chem-Dry of New Port Richey knows that you will love our carpet cleaning services in New Port Richey, FL! We make sure to give you the best carpet cleaning experience possible and we assure you that you are getting the industry leading experience when it comes to carpet cleaning. We want to pass any amount of expertise that we have amounted through the years, and that includes ways to get and keep your carpet clean for years to come. We want to make sure you know that we care about you and not just your carpet. Carpets are our specialty, and we know how to treat any carpet you might be able to throw at us. Carpet stains do not stand a chance, whether that includes pet stains, red wine stains, or simple wear and tear. Take a chance, choose the professionals, and choose Chem-Dry of New Port Richey!

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Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning New Port Richey, FL

The Drier the Better

We take pride in beating the competition in both our cleanliness as well as our effect on your carpet. While many other carpets take to overwhelming your carpet with water, we use much less water. If you use too much water for cleaning your carpet, you can seriously damage the carpet with gross mold or water damage. Longer drying times from other carpet cleaning services can also prove to be detrimental to your time, meaning that you have to wait much longer for your carpet to dry fully. Rather than waiting days for your carpet to dry, we can have your family back in the room in hours! We want to keep your carpets as close to new as we can, and we’re determined to keep mold from getting in our way. Our patented products and process will make sure to get the job done!

The Best Cleaning Money can Buy

We take the time to use the best carpet cleaning methods for your carpet, and we are confident that we have found that with our HCE process. We avoid flooding your carpets with harmful chemicals by using our own special formula that utilizes carbonation to get your carpet clean while handling the fibers in a delicate manner, assuring that they are not frayed during the cleaning process. This means that we are getting your carpet cleaned easily and efficiently. As the millions of bubbles in our solution take care of your carpet, they assure that the dirt and grime gets lifted out as easily as possible. We work to make sure that allergens get removed from your carpet.

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Don’t Let Pet Stains Ruin Your Home

Pets are part of the family. However, sometimes pets can become troublesome as they leave urine stains on your carpets. This can create a stain and undesirable odor that may make you think twice before owning pets. We are confident that we can take care of these stains for you and help you to prevent them in the future. When urine stains dry, they leave behind pesky urine crystals that stay deep in your carpet, even when carpet cleaning is first attempted. We start by giving the carpet our full HCE treatment that removes the aesthetic stain, while making your carpet look more vibrant. We then treat the carpet with our special formula that eliminates the urine crystals at the source, eliminating the undesirable odor, as well as lessening the chance that later stains will occur at the same area of the carpet!

Keep Your Health in Mind

Our top priority when administering our services is keeping the health of your carpets and your home in mind. The air quality of a home is a large part of what comprises its health and its homeliness, so it is critical to keep your carpets clean as they constantly act as an air filter for your home. When we render our services to you, we make sure that your home is delicately handled in a way that it is better than how we found it. We know you will be pleased with the results we have found after we commissioned an independent organization to find just how much we are leaders in the carpet cleaning industry. That study found that we eliminated an average of 98.1% of common allergens found in your home. We know you’ll love the results we can give you!

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Individual Carpets Need Individual Attention

We can take on any carpet you throw at us, and we mean that. For a basic clean that still leaves your carpet looking better than ever, our basic package delivers! The Basic Package gives you our base carpet cleaning experience, which uses the power of Hot Carbonating Extraction to give your carpet a new vibrancy and restore color to when it was installed! While our Basic Package will give you a clean you won’t forget, it is important to give your carpet protection for the future. Our Protection Package has the right treatment for you! We apply our special protectant for this package, which limits the amount of dirt that collects in the carpet, elongating the time it will take for your carpet to require further cleaning. Want the ultimate carpet cleaning experience? Try our Healthy Home Package! We go above and beyond with this package, and we are sure that you are. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the right package for your carpet at Chem-Dry of New Port Richey!